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In my next few posts I’m going to explore the inequities and inconsistencies for people of color in a neighborhood that on the surface appears a model of urban progressive values amend cultural diversity. I live in Rogers Park, one of Chicago’s most diverse neighborhoods: 1/3 #Anglo white; 1/3 #AfricanAmerican; 1/3 #Hispano. Economically, there is also a split between those who are solidly in the Middle class; those who are working but struggling and those while are truly poor. Many of us moved to Rogers Park or returned as established adults to where we spent our childhoods or college years BECAUSE of this diversity and our commitment to live and raise families in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural community whose composition reflects the City of a Chicago as a whole.
But despite this collective aspiration, we find ourselves and our neighborhood —and really the whole north side of Chicago,–in a stranglehold of inequality where white people –and in my neighborhood WHITE MALES hold the power and the public purse strings.
Rogers Park is largely within the boundaries of Chicago’s 49th Ward: The Alderman of more than 20 years is a middle-aged white man whose progressive, independent credentials have been tarnished over time (he votes with the Mayor almost 100% of the time); the President of the Ward’s Democratic Party is also a white male passing from middle age to senior citizenship–he was a leftist political organizer as a young man and is now a part of the Alderman’s juggernaut . The Democratic Party Committeeman ( an elected position) recently died–he was also a white male, slightly younger than the other two, but very ill for several years. It is unclear who will replace him. But as I said, this is similar to much of the north side– the white power elites control the political apparatus in wards and districts where they are the distinct minority. Black and Brown political power is concentrated in parts of the city that are racially, ethnically and economically segregated –and even then, certain white Anglo men are still being elected as Aldermen (see Ed Burke) and state representatives ( see Alderman Burke’s brother Dan and Speaker of the House Michael Madigan) from areas that are overwhelmingly Hispano. What African Americans endured from the 40’s to the 70’s is now happening in the barrios. And in those Chicago wards labeled multi-ethnic, it is happening to all non- whites. Hthe dirty little secret of Chicago’s diversity is that whites are still in control.


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