Last week there was a short article in Hoy, the free Spanish language daily paper owned by the Chicago Tribune, about a new documentary film, 8 Murders a Day,  a damning portrait of  life in Juarez, Mexico, where the  “war on drugs” waged by both the Mexican and American governments has resulted in incredible levels of violence on the streets of Juarez, a city of 1.2 million people where an average of 8 people –often innocent bystanders or good people being punished for standing up to the narcotraficantes–are murdered every day.  In 1990, before the escalation of drug trafficking, before NAFTA, before the related economic collapse for the poor and middle classes, there were 40 murders in Juarez for the whole year; now there are 40 murders in five days.

The film is remarkable, compelling, totally bilingual, yet there were only ten of us watching the film on a Wednesday night, prime time, when the other theaters in the complex were full of people watching Kung Fu Pandas and other current hits.  I am hoping it will be distributed more widely in the Anglo community, either in commercial venues or shown in churches, synagogues and at gatherings of immigrant advocacy groups.  Go to YouTube or the film’s web site and at least watch the trailer…and weep.

The picture that accompanies my blog is the one that was set by by wordpress; I don’t know how to change it yet, but it is fitting for the subject and for my history:  Immigration and interfaith work  are the stories fo bridges:  Traveling from one community to another; being a bridge for others; walking accross another’s path letting others follow.  It reminds me of a saying by Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav:  Kol  ha-olam kulo, gesher tsar me’od; v’ha-ikar lo le fached klal:  All the world is a narrow bridge, and the most important thing is not to be afraid.  We used to sing this pasuk/verse quite often at Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation, before the Shema.  Even if the bridge is narrow, let our generosity be long and wide.

Hello everyone.  This is the Recovering Immigrant/Interfaith Fool making her blogging debut.  My resolution for this year was to start a blog, and HERE IT IS!! But I think the biggest fool today is John McCain, who has blaimed the Arizona fires on “illegal aliens.”  I dunno, on Univision, I saw interviews with many Arizona Hispanos whose lives have been ruined by these fires.  THEY ARE YOUR CONSTITUENTS, SENATOR!!  hOW ABOUT A LITTLE MERCY TOWARD THEIR PLIGHT?????